Jordan Vally, Gochya, Hamra, Tayasir, Sun 27.3.11, Afternoon

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Analynn K., Ada H., Hanah P. (reporting)

 Translated by Yael S.

On the way by Ariel we tried entering Salpeet, but the entrance is closed and the female soldier who is on guard duty told us that is is A zone.

1:45 - Hamra checkpoint

There is no line, a vehicle arrives and following a 2-minutes inspection is free to proceed. A fellow who came out of inspection tells us that his bag was opened and all books were thrown out of it and his wallet was opened as well. While we were standing there cars and buses which were parked in the direction of Nablus were not inspected.

2:20 - Tayasir checkpoint

 We arrived at a change of shifts. Inspection came to halt which created a line of 9 cars. One of the drivers said that he has been waiting for half an hour. Following the resumption of inspection the line vanishes within a few minutes.

3:05 - Gochya checkpoint

 No military  vehicle on site. We began making phone calls to the Jerico DCO and its people (Idan no longer works for the DCO) Finally at 3:35 a military Jeep arrived, but the soldiers refused to talk to us. No Palestinian on site.

3:45- We left.

4:40 - Ma'ale Ephraim checkpoint

The post is manned on its Eastern side, and vehicles are inspected.

Huwwara checkpoint is open but we saw a soldier at the lookout post making a turn to Wisconsin road. At the turn to Yitshar a military Jeep was standing. On our way to Huwwara we saw a military Jeep making rounds in the village's alleys.

Za'tara crossroads

The post is manned but they do not inspect vehicles.

5:00 - Kifle Hares

There is inspection at the gate and a lookout from the tower.