Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Release on Bail, Remand Extension

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Norah Orlow, Hava Halevi

Russian Compound

Translation: Jonathan M.


Judge: Lieutenant-Colonel Barak Jordan

Interrogator: Itzik Yaakobof and another man in civilian clothes, probably an investigator  as well

a translator, a typist and a warden, who carries an impressive set of handcuffs.

The police appeal which was supposed to overrule Judge Shaeffer's decision to release of Ramzi Aashur, reported on by Tova and Roni on Monday, took place today in  Ofer Military Court (and not in the Russian Compound as we had thought). The appeal was rejected, and Ramzi was released home.

There are 9 cases on the police interrogator's table, 7 of them are of detaineesinfo-icon who are barred from meeting with attorneys. Today a new name was coined for the charges against the detainees; so far it had been "danger to regional security", today it was "military activity". Everyone is suspect of military activity, and all the detainees we saw in court today were arrested on the 5.2.09.

Attorney: Fahmi Shkirat.

Whafa Alajluni - "barred"

Fahmi Shkirat tries to examine the police prosecutor.

  • - What is he suspected of?
  • - Military activity.
  • - What organization?
  • - I can't specify.
  • - How old is he?
  • - 57 years old.
  • - Are there other detainees related to this case?
  • - All details are in the secret report.
  • - How much more investigation activity is required?
  • - That's in the secret report.
  • - Was he arrested at home?
  • - Yes.
  • - Were there any weapons caught in his home?
  • - No.
  • - Is he charged with dealing with combat materiel?
  • - All the details are in the secret report.
  • - Does he cooperate with his interrogators?
  • - Relatively speaking.
  • - Does he have any health issues?
  • - No. On the day of his arrest, he was taken to a hospital, where he received a doctors' approval to continue his interrogation.

Since the man is barred, we were not allowed to stay in the courtroom while he was questioned. We do not know how much longer he is to remain in custody.

We were present in five hearings. The detainees were present in two of those hearings. The discussions between the attorneys and the interrogator were pretty similar throughout all the cases - the attorney stumbling in the dark, trying to fish some information, so that he could defend a man whom he hasn't met, and about whom he does not know a thing.

The interrogator answers with the usual formula: the investigation is still in it's initial stage etc. The judge goes through the confidential file and accepts the required extension of remand.