Petah Tikva - Remand Extension, Health Problems

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Ada Heilbronn (reporting)

Translation: Bracha Ben-Avraham

The hearings began at 09:30.

Attorney Aabed defended two detaineesinfo-icon and rushed off to somewhere else.

There were 10 suspects, 3 of whom were barred from meeting with an attorney.

Evidently, the army's nighttime incursion this week took place in the village of Assira a-Shamaliya - a small village [near Nablus] - a few suspects.

Attorney Aabed appeared first, defended two of the suspects, and hurried off.  Since I arrived late, I did not meet him and have no details about the first two detainees.

Attorney Ra'ed Mahamid defended all of the other eight [detainees]. It appears that he has run out of arguments, and for each he claims:  "I repeat the same questions," because "as there is nothing more I can ask."  This was accepted with understanding by the judge, Major Itai Regev, and certainly by the interrogator, Sergeant Major Hashem Halabi.  An everyday banality that has difficult repercussions only for the detainees and their families. 

All the hearings ended at 11:20.

1. Barred: Mohammed Hussam a-Din Mustafa Abu Rialeh, I.D. 853518611, Nablus, Arrested 20.10.08.

Request for remand: 11 days. 

Barred from meeting with an attorney: 5 days from 22.10.08.

Judge's Decision: Remand 11 days.

2. Wadiyeh Az a-Din Azat Aamer, I.D. 852380161, Nablus, Arrested, 6.10.08.

Request for remand: 16 days.

Judge's decision: With agreement between the sides: remand 16 days.

3. Ramzi Mohammed Wajieh Afuni, I.D. 850768995, Nablus, Arrested 5.10.08. 

Request for remand of 16 days.

Judge's Decision: Remand of 16 days.

4. Barred: Shadi Mohamed Hassin Shuli, I.D. 937438885, Assira a-Shamaliya, Arrested 12.10.08.

Request for remand: 11 days.

Barred from meeting with an attorney: 4 days from 23.10.08

The judge reports that the detainee has complained to him of pain in his eyes, teeth, and stomach. 

Judge's decision: Referral to a doctor, remand of 11 days.

5. Tahar Hassin Abed el Rahman Jara'a, I.D. 946642279, Asira a-Shamaliya, Arrested 12.10.08.

Request for remand: 16 days.

Judge's decision: remand for 16 days.

6. Sami Mohamed Ali Ahmed Birawi, I.D. 850488792, Assira a- Shamaliya, Arrested 12.10.08.

Request for Remand: 16 days.

Judge's decision: 16 days, after which the case will be transferred to the military prosecution.

7. Barred: Jariah Razek Nasser Musa, I.D. 850219288, Beit Likyia,

Arrested 12.10.08

Request for remand: 11 days.

Barred from meting with an attorney: 3 days from 24.10.08.

Judge's decision: remand of 11 days.

8. Mohamed Wahabi Ambada Abu Alhija, I.D. 910458348, Beit Iba,

Arrested 11.10.08

Request for remand: 11 days

Attorney Ra'ad Mahmid: Pressure is being put upon the suspect to confess things that he did not do.

Judge's decision: remand of 11 days.