Petah Tikva - Remand Extension, Minors

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Ada Heilbronn (reporting)

Translation: Bracha Ben-Avraham

It is 09:40. The judge, Major Itai Regev, the interrogator, Sergeant-Major Aatef Awida, the typist and the translator are in the courtroom.  None of the defendants' attorneys are present. Neither are the defendants yet standing along the length of the corridor facing the wall. I am told that all the barred defendants have already been brought before the judge.  One of them is a client of Aabed who is not here today because he is defending Dr. Ghasan Haled at Ketzyiot prison.  He presented the defense for the barred defendant with the investigator by phone. The remand hearings for the barred defendants took place between the trials.

At 10:00 the first defendant is brought in, and Attorney Jalal Abu Wassel arrives.  He searches among his numerous scattered papers and announces to the judge that the suspect is not his client. The judge asks if he can defend him.  Abu Wassel refuses.  At the same moment Attorney Mahajneh, (who came in place of Attorney Ra'ed Mahamid who was hospitalized the night before) enters the courtroom and speaks with the defendant. 

There are 11 detaineesinfo-icon, three of whom are barred from meeting with an attorney.

The first detainee is a 16.5-year-old minor. While the judge is in the process of reading his sentence, Attorney Abu Wassel sits down next to Attorney Mahajneh and tells him some long story (in Arabic), smiling from ear to ear. The detained youth looks from side to side in confusion, and the judge asks Abu Wassel to let the defendant hear his sentence. Abu Wassel apologizes and says that he did not think he was disturbing......

On the other hand, the investigator, Sergeant-Major Aatef Awida, is in a foul mood this morning.  He had to wait for a half hour for an attorney to arrive.  He rushes the defendants out and urges the wardens with "Yalla, get our already!"  He also gets into a personal argument with Attorney Mahajneh. The judge does not intervene. During this argument regarding suspect no.14, Attorney Mahajneh does his best. But the judge is the one to answer his questions.  The investigator sits looking up at the ceiling, pretending not to be listening.

1. Nadal Mahmud Hafid Abu Leil, I.D. 853508117, From Balata Refugee Camp, Arrested 29.10.08.

Request for remand: 8 days.

Attorney Mahajneh: the suspect is a 16.5-year-old minor.  He has been detained for two weeks. 

Judge's decision: remand for 8 days.

2. Mohammed Ibrahim Darwish Karkash, I.D. 850649039 from Nablus, arrested 27.10.08.

Request for remand: 16 days.

Attorney Abu Wassel: Agreement with the investigator to remand of 13 days.

Judge's Decision: Remand of 13 days.

3. Barred: Muhammed Suheil Afif Mufla, I.D. 859005431 Utzrin,

arrested on 23.10.08.

Request for remand: 13 days.

This "barred" detainee was brought before the judge earlier in the morning.  We did not see him.  Abu Wassel is representing him. The detainee is 18 years and four months old. 

Barred from seeing an attorney: 3 additional days from 11.11.08.

Judge's decision: 16 days remand.

The hearing took place while the next detainee was sitting in the room and Attorney Mahajneh was speaking with him.

4. Jarikh Razaq Nasser Musa, I.D. 850219288, Beit Likyia, Arrested 12.10.08

Request for remand: 8 days.

Attorney Mahajneh: the suspect has been detained for a month, and there has been no progress in the investigation. He was in solitary confinement for a week and was never taken out for any interrogation.

Judge's decision: 8 days remand.

5. Suheib Anis Zaki Issa, I.D> 936546514, Nablus, Arrested 28.10.08.

Request for remand: 16 days.

Attorney Abu Wassel: The suspect suffers from shortness of breath and has problems with his right eye as well as psychological problems. He threatened to commit suicide. He was promised that if he cooperates, he will be transferred from this prison facility.

Judge's decision: 16 days remand and instructions to transfer him to another facility with close surveillance so that he will not harm himself.

6. Zahi Hakim Mohammed Sharuf, I.D. 852861789, from Hebron,

arrested: 17.10.08

Request for remand: 13 days.

Attorney Mahajneh: 8 days by agreement

Judge's decision: Remand of 8 days.

7. Issmail Mussa Hassan Abu Alfa, I.D. 850872805, from Balata Refugee Camp, arrested 27.10.08

Request for remand: 16 days.

Attorney Mahajneh: The suspect underwent stomach surgery three years ago following an injury, and part of his intestine was removed. He still has problems because of this. He had a bag of medication with him when he was arrested, but during his detention he did not receive his medication.

The attorney settled with the investigator for a remand of 13 days. 

Judge's decision: "From the investigation file I learn that this is a previous injury that occurred when the detainee was taking part in riots. I also found that the medical report that was compiled when the detainee was admitted to the detention center does not mention anything regarding this injury, but for caution's sake I order that the detainee be re-examined to assess whether he requires pharmaceutical treatment."

13 days remand.

8. Barred: Shadi Shafiq Mahmoud Odeh, I.D. 936548544, from Huwwara, Arrested 5.11.08.

Request for remand: 15 days.

Attorney: Mahajneh.

Barred from seeing an attorney for 3 days from 11.11.08.

Judge's Decision: 15 days remand.

The next three suspects are clients of Attorney Aabed who reached an agreement by telephone with the investigator on the number of days of remand (according to Attorney Mahajneh):

9. Barred: Faras Kamal Zabidi, I.D. 950147637

10. Mohammed Massawi Kharazi, I.D. 975168097

11. Rami Mohammed Zabida, I.D. 936673490