'Awarta, 'Azzun, Eliyahu Crossing, Habla, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Sun 15.5.11, Morning

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Karin Lindner, Shoshi Inbar (reporting and photographing), Translator: Charles K.



Nakba Day – Increased military presence everywhere


11:00  We meet W.M., whom the police have forbidden to enter Israel, and have him sign a power of attorney for a lawyer.

11:10  Tapuach junction. There is a Hummer and a military ambulance at the traffic circle.  Two armed soldiers next to the concrete position.  No traffic delays.  Settlers and soldiers waiting at the bus stop.

11:15  Huwwara.  The main street is quiet.  Nothing is unusual, except for the presence of military vehicles.

11:30  Huwwara checkpoint.  Light traffic.  An officer and soldier come toward us and say the only cars they’re stopping are those with Israeli license plates.


11:40  We continue toward Alon Moreh.  Awarta junction – a military vehicle leaves the village.  We give a ride to five women, who crowd into the back seat, and continue uphill toward the mosque.  We reach the municipal building through the narrow alleys.  A municipal employee tells us:  the day before yesterday (Friday night) soldiers went through the village streets but nothing unusual happened.  Twenty youths are still in jail.  Schools and offices are open today until 11:00; most stores are open.


12:00  Awarta checkpoint –There isa military vehicle with four soldiers next to it.  No traffic.

A sign before the right turn to Yitzhar:  “Checkpoint;” a military vehicle and three soldiers next to it.

We return to Huwwara and turn onto Route 505.


12:50  Al Funduq.  Life seems to go on normally.  A few shops are closed.

13:00  There is a military ambulance before the entrance to Karnei Shomron.  The IDF is ready for everything.

We drive into Izbat Tabib, hoping to meet the village mukhtar.  But it’s quiet near his house.  No one enters or leaves, and we continue to 'Azzun.  Quiet.  Is it the afternoon siesta or shops closed for Nakba Day?

We see the remnants of a burning tire.  We go into a stop to ask about it.  An hour and a half ago the army showed up, children threw stones, the soldiers fired into the air and shot tear gas.  The children burned a tire.  The Palestinian police made the children leave (photo attached).

Leaving 'Azzun, we see rocks scattered on the road, a reminder of what happened an hour and a half ago (photo attached).


13:40  Eliyahu gate – Only a few cars go through.

13:45  Habla – Two military vehicles on the patrol road and two more on the Israeli side.  No Palestinians entering or leaving.