Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Wed 11.5.11, Afternoon

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Zipi K., Yehudit K. (reports), M. (driver -- who had a son born yesterday!)

We set out at noon, hoping that the later hour would show us a different face to Hebron. 


Empty except for a few trucks, including a load of not very happy cows

Route 60

Open and quiet all the way, hardly any soldiers to be seen.


School-children were making their way home, passing freely through the checkpoints, their bags unchecked.

We visited the Jaber family along the Worshippers Lane whom we last saw in November 2010 when their home was regularly occupied by soldiers every Friday and Saturday. The mother of the family was more suspicious than on previous occasions but told us that the situation 'improved', the soldiers come only periodically and for shorter periods, but when they do so, the family is not allowed out of the house. There is considerable damage to the house roof, causing internal leaks and problems with electricity. The army/civil administration won't permit them to bring workers to mend the damage. We will update Yesh Din who handled the initial report.