Etzion DCL, Mon 31.1.11, Afternoon

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Shlomith S., Ora A.


14:10  Etzion DCL:  Fifteen persons are waiting near the turnstile. They claim no one had entered in the last two hours.  A man who came out said there was only one person waiting inside.  We called the Central Office – the Moked.

14:25, some 9 -10 people went in.  Another 5-6 are waiting in the hall.

A young man complains of trying to enter, without success, for two weeks.  An old man shows us his ID which says he's a resident of Bethlehem, and his magnetic card which says he's a resident of Dura (Hebron).  Because of this disparity he is refused renewal of his magnetic card.  Another man says that his magnetic also names a place of residence different from his ID, and he too has been refused. We inquired and were told that they must go to the Hebron DCL to get a new magnetic card issued. It will cost them NIS 85.

A young man approached us: he had been refused an entry permit to be with his father who will undergo a heart operation in Jerusalem. His sister was granted a permit, but she works and will find it difficult to be with their father after the operation, whereas he is unemployed and available to stay and help. We called the Moked and found out that he is refused by the Shabak (General Security Service). They will continue to deal with his case.

15:35, a man came out, having obtained a magnetic card.  He said he had been waiting since 8:30 am. Four more followed, one after the other. In the course of an hour and a half only 5 persons had been attended to. We called the Moked to ask them to urge the soldiers to speed up their work so that by closing time all those waiting all day will have been dealt with and would not have to return tomorrow.

15:50,  all those waiting were allowed in.

16:15, ten people emerged in the last 25 minutes.  "Today it went well" one of them said.