Hizma, Qalandiya, Sun 10.7.11, Afternoon

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Roni Hamermmann and Tamar Fleishman (reporting); Guests: Christiana and Sara.

The passage at the checkpoint was performed in slow motion, the people waiting in the lines were sent back and forth between the lanes.  

The children of the checkpoint, the old timers and new comers, were at their usual spots. The boy Mahmud was in his usual spot, armed with a squeegee, cleaning the window shields of the vehicles that were stuck in the traffic jam, overcoming the pain in his bruised left leg, with wounds that nearly reached the bone of his shin, a souvenir that rifle barrels had left him with.

Witness of the protest at the checkpoint that took place on Saturday, with the attendance of some international activists that arrived with the flyover, said that the protest was dissolved with the use of tear gas grenade. 

An olive tree that had been robed from its owner, uprooted from its place of origin and planted at the middle of the circus, hadn't come to terms with its new relocation and started slowly to die, Orian, an artist, did it some real justice and wrapped the withering trunk and dry branches with white shroud. Perhaps now it will get some rest.

Enraged settlers shouted from their car: "What are you doing?"- Alex Libac (from 'Ha'aretz') that was present and took photos replied: "We're from the Ministry of Agriculture!..." – the settlers headed on satisfied and content.