Visit to villages: Kafr ad Dik wednesday 29.06.11 morning

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Yehudit Katz, Tova Halperin, Bruriya Rosenwachs (reporting)

 Translator: Hanna K. 

Today we had activities in one club only, the second went on an excursion to the sea.

We got a serious reinforcement to our team, Yehudit Katz who teaches crocheting. The aim is to impart to the women the skill in this area and perhaps in the future there will be a possibility to sell their handicraft.

We now have two handicraft classes – one bead threading taught by Tova and the other knitting. It seems that these classes are met with enthusiasm by the women, and are preferred to the other classes – gymnastics and Hebrew. We will have to think how we should readjust, according to our manpower and the demand at the centers.