Ma'ale Efrayim, Za'tara (Tapuah), Sun 10.7.11, Afternoon

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Nura R., Rina T., Naomi L., Hannah A. (reporting)


We set out on a tour of the Jordan Valley with Daphnah in order to meet our contact persons. During the tour, Riva B. and Ada H. also took part. They traveled with Daphnah in a separate vehicle. Thus, while we were doing our shift at the Hamrah CP, the other team was at Tyasir.

At about 13:15, on the way to the Valley, we spent some time at the Zaatara CP because we saw Palestinian vehicles detained in the parking lot near the inspection posts, with Israeli civilian policemen near them. According to one of the policemen, the delay  was a consequence of the fact that in one of the vehicles the number of passengers was greater than that allowed by law, and furthermore, one of the drivers was driving without a license (?). In the meantime a Palestinian man arrived and took the place of the driver who had no license, and the vehicle drove away with the passengers. While we were there, we had a conversation with one of the policemen. Apart from the well known question about whether we don't have anything better to do, and whether it wouldn't be better for us to play with our grandchildren and take care of our families ….. he also said that our talking to a Palestinian who was standing and waiting for his status to be clarified was actually an obstruction of justice, interference with the interrogation procedures, no less. One of the arguments he made to support his statement was that speaking to a person in this situation (driving more passengers than allowed in his car and driving with an invalid license – two facts that do not need any subjective interpretation) reinforce him psychologically and he is liable conduct a case for years. That is to say, the basic right of a man to defend himself to the best of his ability – is not taken for granted!


Before we got into the car in order to continue on our way to the Valley, one of the Border Policemen, who was curious to hear what we were saying hissed: "I would banish people like you from the country." After the boycott law and after the attempt to set up committees of inquiry into leftist organizations – this is apparently what will happen to those who oppose the occupation.


Ma'aleh Ephraim– There are soldiers in the vicinity of the CP, but we could drive through without stopping.


The allocation of water to the settlers in the Valley is very obvious. In the steaming heat, green squares of vineyards dot the dry yellow spaces. And in the settlements, more and more houses are being built like embroidery.


14:55 – Hamrah

The sun is burning and even though there is a breeze and the summer is not yet at its peak, it is very very very hot, especially at this afternoon hour.