Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Remand Extension, Barred (from meeting with attorney)

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Hadas Agmon, Hagit Shlonsky (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.

Russian Compound

Hearings in the remand extensions of four detaineesinfo-icon began at 10 and ended at 11:40.

Judge: Major Menahem Lieberman

Investigator: Avi Akiva

Atty. Fahmi Shkirat represents Fadi in his first remand extension hearing. The police requests 15 days remand. The judge peruses the file, remarks on the absence of memoranda and sends the investigator to bring them. The judge then decides on a five-day extension, until next Monday when, depending on the ongoing investigation, a longer extension may be granted.

Atty. Hashem Ma'amoun represents the next three detainees:

Nidal has been in detention for a month (since 2.12.09) and was barred from meeting with counsel. However the prohibition was later lifted. The attorney asks the judge's permission to give the detainee a pair of glasses. Request granted.

The attorney poses the usual questions (what are the charges, what are the findings, which organizations is he suspected of belonging to etc). He receives the familiar answers (mostly referring to the confidential file). The attorney asks about the month-long investigation (how often was he interrogated by the GSS, how many statements obtained, how many more interrogations are scheduled). The investigator replies. It transpires that the Nidal is accused of membership and activity in Hamas. The attorney maintains that judging by the results of so many interrogations, there is enough evidence to present an indictment, to hand the case over to the military prosecution, or to release the suspect on bail. Nidal (who speaks Hebrew) states that during the lengthy interrogations that often lasted through the night, he answered all the questions and gave all the information.

The judge in his summation states that the detainee was indeed interrogated dozens of times but it is evident that "he acted against security in the region... In 2002 he was released after 12 years in jail for an attempted murder of a policeman.... New facts have surfaced in the last few days of interrogation... On the other hand, the investigation could have been done a month ago..."

Decision: 8 day remand extension.

Rani Ayub Najar, from Ramallah. Arrested about a month ago. This is his fourth remand hearing. The police moves for a 15-day remand extension. Like Nidal, the previous detainee, Rani is suspected of membership in Hamas. There is mention of earlier detention by the PA. The attorney repeats a few questions for the investigator, but mostly addresses his criticism to the judge:

"Where is the judicial review? Rani is in detention, but has not been interrogated for ten days. Yesterday he was interrogated, but, as on all earlier occasions, he was told that the investigation is complete." The judge voices his own criticism of the prosecution of the case and decides on an 8-day remand extension.

In both cases the judge urged Atty. Ma'amoun not to pose too many questions. The judge says that he has the confidential material, and the attorney has had conference with his clients, so everyone knows the score and there's no need for questioning.

Ahmad Salman Abu-Ayad. Within a minute, at the sidebar, the investigator and the attorney agree on an 8-day extension.