Beit 'Inun, Beit Ummar, Bethlehem, Nabi Yunis, Mon 20.6.11, Morning

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Chaya O., Chana S. (reporting)

7.00 am,  Bethlehem – Checkpoint 300:   we were amazed at the huge number of cars waiting to pick up workers.  Then we understood:  all the people complained about the slow treatment at the Bethlehem side of the checkpoint.  A woman said the women’s gate was also slow. As a result everyone was exiting later than usual. Apparently the situation was bad also the previous day.

8.00 am, Etzion DCL:  because the office was closed last week there was an unusually large crowd waiting for magnetic cards. The office opened finally at 8.20 (after a phone-call by Chaya at 8.15).  We gave our phone number to two men in the queue to let us know about progress. One phoned us 9.15 to complain.

When we returned from Nabi Yunis at 9.35 we met a man outside who was number 71  in the list.  As we wondered whether so many people would get their cards in one day Chaya phoned the Moked. The soldier there was  trying to be helpful but obviously did not understand the procedure at the DCL. He was unaware even that there are particular days for residents of different areas. So Chaya phoned Hanna Barag who spoke to the commanding officer (of the DCL?) who assured her that ALL people would be admitted during the day. We informed the afternoon shift of MW so that they could check on this later.

8.35 am,  Beit Ummar:   a man and his nephew refused permits by Security.  We referred them to Sylvia.

9.00 am, Nabi Yunis:  a pre-arranged  meeting on behalf of Sylvia to get power of attorney and payment.

Beit 'Inun:  as we were early for this meeting we drove to Beit 'Inun and saw that it  is even more blocked than before, on both sides of the road.