'Anin, Mevo Dotan (Imriha), Reihan, Shaked, Mon 8.8.11, Afternoon

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Ana N"S, Netta Golan (reporting)



15:00  A'anin checkpoint 


The soldiers are punctual, the gatesinfo-icon are already open. They are also strict; ban a tractor driver to bring in three shabby mattresses. We try to inquire perhaps, after all, it is permissible.

Seven more tractors as well as 20 pedestrians are awaiting passage. There are items that are not allowed through: One tractor driver is forced to leave on his land a big sack with old/used clothes , another had to give up an old  sink that he had found, someone else is ordered to through away a car's side mirror.

The begs of second hand cloths that we had brought were allowed in.


15:35Our mattress-inquiry at the Brigade is still underway. A soldier tries to explain to us the danger that can be caused by used mattresses. The rest of the people had already gone through.


15:50  The Brigade's decision arrived. It is not allowed to bring it mattresses. The tractor driver together with his son drive away to throw the mattresses on their land and the soldiers wait for their return to close down the checkpoint. 


16:05 Shaked-Tura

There is hardly any traffic at this time.

16:35 Dotan checkpoint

On the way over we pass by the car park area which is full on the Palestinian side of the Reihan-Barta'a checkpoint and on the bridge with the iron handles that are always locked and block the short access to the Tul-Karem/Reihan road. Why ?
 Maybe they forgot to open it? 
Sparse traffic on both sides.

17:00 Reihan-Barta'a checkpoint , the sleeveinfo-icon on the side of the SLZ.

A relatively few workers return from work at the SLZ and in Israel. One window is open and there is no crowding in the line. From time to time a few are detained on the bench and are free to go with in a short while.

A group of young girls return from the West Bank into the SLZ.