'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Eliyahu Crossing, Jit, Jubara (Kafriat), Te'enim Crossing, Mon 22.8.11, Morning

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Daphna S., Ronni S.,Translator: Judith Green


06:30 Eliyahu crossing. About 30 people are waiting to enter;  a few vehicles waiting in line.  "Development works" continue at the checkpoint, apparently in order to turn the checkpoint to a crossing maintained by a private company and to channel people from the agricultural crossing at Habla to this one. (cf. last night's report by Dalia G. from Habla.

 06:50  Jayyus. The gate is open, no line, immediate entry and very quick processing.  A small number of tractors go through and a horse and wagon.

07:15 The crossing is closed. We return to the main road and travel toward the crossing at Falamya.

07:25 Falamya. No one is going through at this hour.  The soldiers are gathered in the shade of the guard tower.

07:45 The village of Falamya is totally quiet, no one outside.  We continue to the village of Jamal and, at the entrance, turn at the first road to the left, travel along the twisting road alongside the village up to a stop sign; then ascend to the excellent road toward Tulkarm.  We pass by the turnoff to Kfar Sur and Aras and arrive at the Jubara checkpoint.

 08:00  Jubara. Three cars are parked outside the fence;  there is no one going through now.  We walk around, return and continue in the direction of Tulkarm (from the turn where there once was the check point of Aras).  On the left, on the hill side beneath Jabara, a large bulldozer is working.  We hope/imagine that this work is connected to moving the fence around Jabara. We travel beneath highway #557 and see, on our right, the house of the village of Izbet Shufa next to the road and, to our left, the structure of the Teenim checkpoint. We stop next to a taxi waiting for passengers.  He suggests that we continue, but we decided that was enough and turn back.  We return to the roundabout and turn toward Funduk.  On the way, we pass a new, modern chicken coop that, according to the driver of a tanker working there, was built 8 months previously by the owner of the large feed factory (silo) next to Kfar Sur.

08:35 We pass Hag'ah, which looks a bit less sleepy, and ascend to highway #55 by way of Funduk.

08:40 We see the first military vehicle.  Right behind it, between Kedumim and J'it junction a civil police car stops a Palestinian car.  Beyond J'it junction, a military vehicle is parked, but there is no checkpoint.

09:00  Dir Sharaf.  It is very quiet.

09:10 'Anabta checkpoint Although there are soldiers at the checkpoint, there is free passage in both directions.  An officer stands in the middle of the checkpoint and makes lists...On the way to the Teenim checkpoint, we enter Izbet Shufa in order to experience the opening of the road between Shufa and Izbet Shufa.  A taxi driver going through there says that the obstacle was removed 14 days ago and, after the holiday, the village head plans to speak with the DCO to request that it be permanently removed.

09:45  Teenim checkpoint. Quick passage, despite the MachsomWatch flags