'Awarta, 'Azzun 'Atma, Beit Furik, Eliyahu Crossing, Habla, Huwwara, Shomron Crossing, Za'tara (Tapuah), Thu 8.9.11, Afternoon

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Rachel Levy, Yehudit Levin (reporting and photographing)

Translator:  Charles K.


13:55 Habla agricultural gate No. 1393 –Maybe the wind blew shut the entry gate to Habla, and maybe not.  In any case, a vehicle whose passengers entered the rooms for inspection continues on its way only after they confirm that they’re allowed to open the gate.  Soldiers examine the interior of the empty vehicle and the driver takes it to the second gate, which is still open, toward Israel.

A guy who apparently has been interrogated appears from somewhere; he’s now permitted to go home.

 At the last minute we see a horse and wagon carrying two Palestinians and a great deal of scrap metal.  They arrive to enter Habla – and immediately make a 180 degree turn (that is, back to Israel) without anyone saying anything.  The soldiers, meanwhile, close the gate because it’s 2 PM.  The Palestinians tell us they’re not allowed to bring scrap metal into Palestine!  The soldiers tell us that those are orders from the DCO.

We later see the whole load on Route 55.  Maybe they’ll try to come in through the Eliyahu crossing.

14:10  Eliyahu crossing –A roomy parking lot has been built at the eastern entrance to the checkpoint, and a structure which looks like a pedestrian terminal surrounded, for now, by a wall.

Reservists at the checkpoint inspect an Israeli vehicle.  Border police soldiers and two police cars are present.

All along Route 55, a distance of some kilometers, from Azzun to Al Funduq, Israeli flags fly from every electric pole.

(The settlements of Ma’aleh Shomron, Ginot Shomron and Karney Shomron lie east of the road.)

14:25 An army jeep comes toward us between Qedumim and Al Funduq.

14:30 An army pickup truck comes toward us between Gilad Ranch and Jit Junction. 

14:48 Huwwara checkpoint –A soldier guards the hitchhiking stop in the direction of the settlement of Bracha, a soldier in the guard tower opposite the hitchhiking stop for those leaving Bracha.  Signs supporting Migron hang on the fence next to the hitchhiking stop and on the fence of the Huwwara checkpoint – “The decline stops at Migron,” etc.  We see no soldiers at the checkpoint itself

14:50 Awarta checkpoint –The metal arm is closed – no one enters or leaves.

14:55 Beit Furik checkpoint –We saw no soldiers at the checkpoint

15:25An army jeep comes toward us between Za’tara and Huwwara.

15:26 Za’tara checkpoint –Border Police soldiers stand at the checkpoint but don’t conduct inspections.  There’s a little congestion.

On the checkpoint fences here as well there’s an unimpeded display of slogans on large banners expressing the settlers’ point of view about the evacuation of Migron,.

15:40 Shomron crossing –Employees of the “Land Crossings Authority” inspect people entering Israel.

15:53 Azzun Atma checkpoint –Laborers wait on line, but there’s no congestion.