Etzion DCL, Sun 28.8.11, Afternoon

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Hanna B., Daniela G. (reporting)
Etzion DCL, 14:45:  two men requiring a permit for Mukassad hospital on the morrow stop us in the parking lot. It is not exactly clear (communicating with them is difficult), but we deduce that they have both been told to go to the Palestinian DCL but preferred to come here. They seem to think we can actually secure the permit for them. Finally we persuade both to go into the office and help them do so though their fellow countrymen are somewhat dismayed at their jumping the line.
There are about 10 people waiting on the stairs to go in for magnetic cards, they all manage to do so within the hour, but the "rule" is that whoever needs a Tasrich (a written formal paper) has priority in terms of entering the office.
In the meanwhile an elderly man who also needs permits for his ailing wife (with severe medical problems) and her sister (who is to accompany her to the hospital) turns to us. We talk to Dalia B. on his account and when his son, who is waiting outside, keeps reporting that things are not going too well in the office, we call Danny S. who promises to check it out.
By 16:45 the soldier at the window lets 6 newcomers waiting behind the turnstiles (which are both out of order, by the way) know that that's it for today and no one else will be let in. They leave frustrated, obviously, but we do learn from people leaving the office that it is still quite full. Wouldn't it be wiser to post a sign in the waiting hall saying that those arriving, say, after 4 o'clock have few chances of entering the office on busy days?