Visit to villages Kafr a Dik, Rafat, Marda, Wednesday 27.07.11 morning

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Bruria R., Yehudit K., Dalia P., Dalika, Rivka R., Neta A., Dvorka (reporting)

Translation:  Suzanne O.


We carried out activities in the Halla Club in Kafr a Dik.  Hebrew class – Bruria; Exercise class – Dalia P.; Handicrafts – Yehudit.  There is a lot of interest in all the activities even though the women attending change with each 'class'.

 Together with Halla we decided not to teach during August because of Ramadan and also because we need to be with our families during the holiday period.

 We were forewarned that the Hanan Club, and Hanan herself, would be busy because of a meeting with a member of the Authority, but when we arrived at the village Hanan asked us to try and put on a Hebrew class anyway.  Dalika and I were recruited for the task.  In addition, in each of the groups we checked out the needs (and the requests) for the next period.

Here too it was decided not to have any more joint activities until after Id el Fitr at the end of Ramadan.

 At Rafat, Inam, the initiator of the activities was not there to meet us although she had promised to be there, but there was a group of about 20 young women who were most interested and who learned English with Rivka R., and did yoga exercises with Neta E.  All of this with great enthusiasm.  At their request and since we had only had three meetings up to the present, and they are young women so it is easier for them to get away from the house during Ramadan, we decided to continue the work in August as well; English and handicraft classes.

 At the end of the meetings with the women in both villages we all went to a restaurant in Marda.   A.: to show our appreciation to Nadim for months of transport during which we also made use of him as a translator and advisor and B: in order to think over our arrangements for the coming months.

In light of the fact that the usual shifts have been reduced lately we decided that in future during each day of activity in the villages we would integrate observations in the area; at the agricultural gatesinfo-icon and in places where our presence is important.