Visit to villages Ad Dik, Bruqin, Wednesday 21.09.11 morning

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Tovah Heilperin, Hagar Zemer, Yehudiet Kats, Bruria Rozenwachs (reporting)

Natanya translating.


We went through Bruqin,quiet and hardly any people in the streets. A group of teachers are on their way home. Later we were told that school closed at 10.00am

Kafr Ad Dik.A yoga and broidery lesson at one of the centres, at the other club we found only the secretary. The rest of the women had gone to demonstrations in the big cities and in Salfit. Also the students had gone to the demonstrations. We saw many buses transporting people.

We were told by people that one night a settler had thrown a smoke grenade at the school. The army came and dispersed through the village but did not arrest the settler.

The morale of the people whom we spoke with was low. They do not think that the activities at the United Nations would lead to anything and were nervous about the future