'Anin, Mevo Dotan (Imriha), Reihan, Shaked, Thu 22.9.11, Morning

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Neta Golan, Shula Bar (photographing and reporting)

Translator:  Charles K.

06:10  A’anin checkpoint – sunrise, stinging wasps and the humiliation continues,
thank you very much.
About 30 people and some tractors wait in the middle of the checkpoint to cross.  They approach the soldiers one by one, who find them on the computer’s lists.  Whoever’s holding a bag must empty it onto the ground and then cram everything back in.  There’s absolutely no reason for this humiliation, except the desire to humiliate.  A DCO vehicle is here, which might be why people go through without interference by the soldiers.  Nobody’s sent back.  In addition to the hardships of the occupation, there’s now another problem:  everyone at the checkpoint – soldiers, Palestinians and we – are focused almost entirely on the annoying wasps flying around everywhere, who are particularly fond of Jewish blood.  A rosy sunrise provides some small consolation.

06:50  Shaked checkpoint – Soldiers, children and dogs.
Ten minutes before the checkpoint is to open, it’s reinforced by an impressive number of people in uniform.  But because of the many soldiers crossing is delayed, and begins only at 07:25 when the cute young schoolchildren arrive.  The white DCO vehicle is already here and Amir, from the DCO, asks through his window how we’re doing.  We’re surprised to see a soldier walking around with a German shepherd dog on a leash.

07:50  Mavo Dothan checkpoint – columns of smoke, a display of squills, sounds of music, where’s the flag and…detaineesinfo-icon.
The Dothan valley is covered by a cloud of choking smoke and haze from charcoal kilns operating at full blast.  The Israeli flag has disappeared from the checkpoint’s pillbox – God help us!  Lively music and speeches pour from loudspeakers in the town of Yabed up on the hill.  Could they be connected to the Palestinian declaration of independence?

Uniformed reinforcements at the checkpoint, lots of vehicle traffic in both directions.  Five young men who were removed from a red car are made to stand off to the side, one told to stand with his back to the soldiers and then to kneel.  He’s being detained by the GSS, and another lacks an ID card.  They’re a-l-l waiting.  An army vehicle arrives, circles around and covers them with a cloud of dust, filling the Palestinians’ hearts with love and warm feelings.בחום ובאהבה.