Road No 60, Etzion DCL, Beit Ummar, Nabi Yunis

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Chaya O. (reporting)

08.10  Etzion DCL

About 50 people are sitting in the waiting hall.  The policeman  tells us (on the telephone) : the system has failed, there is no service today and perhaps tomorrow also.

08.30  Beit Ummar

Several people ask for advice regarding police and GSS denials.

09.00  Nabi Yunis

Here also, several people ask for advice about the above subjects.

09.30  A man phones to tell us that he has been waiting since 08.00 to receive a magnetic card at the Etzion DCL.  He says that everyone was told to go home because “the computers failed”, and he will be able to return only on Monday - in a week - because that is the day designated for Bethlehem.

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Tuesday 30.8.11 am

08.10   I phone to the Etzion DCL and am told that the computer system has

been repaired and the public should be able to come both for magnetic card renewal and also for interviews with the policeman.  So far as I could understand, there was not a fire at the DCL, only a collapse of the computer system.