Reihan, Shaked, Tue 20.9.11, Morning

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Tsafrira Z., Yocheved G. (reporting)

Translation: yael s.

06:10 Riehan checkpoint

Traffic streams smoothly, people in a smiley mood and the seamstresses greets us with "Boker Tov" and we reply with "Sabach-el-cheir". All of a sudden the occupations seems to have become somewhat more comfortable. Does it have to do with Abu Mazen's appearance at the U.N ? we wonder.

A Palestinian, land owner from A'aneen comes out of the Reihan checkpoint because today the checkpoint at A'aneen is closed. He has to make the entire de-tour. After all the land needs to be looked after daily.

06:45 - Shaked checkpoint

The gate opens at 07:00 but the inspection post not yet. People are angry, they need to get to work. Here the pace is slow. Teachers wait at the entrance to get to school on time. The soldier's excuse is, as usual, "the computer". As if they can't come a bit earlier and open up as promised, at 07:00.

20 children pour out of a small pickup truck and each of their bags is inspected, they move to the other side of the fence where they wait for yet another truck to take them to school. Day after day, the very same procedure for such a basic matter as getting to school.

A young fellow who looks after his land on the Israeli side of the Seam Line and is denied passage home (only his elderly parents hold such a permit), he waits for breakfast that his mother sends with those with passage permits. He lives in a shack on the family's land.

Another prank of the occupation authorities.

By the inspection cabin 8 more are still waiting. What's the rush.....

8:00- We left.