'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Thu 15.9.11, Morning

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Neta G.

6:05 A'anin CP

The gatesinfo-icon of the CP are open, the first of those to go through are already walking toward me. I cannot observe the inspection procedure because it is going on between the middle gate the gate in the direction of A'anin on the slope of the hill on which the CP is built and hidden from sight. I try to come closer but an armed second lieutenant makes sure that I don't cross the upper gate. Today relatively many people are going through. They tell me that about 70-80 people are waiting and that last week about 250 permits were distributed. Among those going through there are several children with their parents and a young fellow on a bicycle.

6:40 Children of the extended Bedouin family that lives at the foot of the CP, on the side of the seamline zone, are waiting for a ride to school in Umm Reihan. A couple goes through the CP; the husband is handicapped, and shows his medicines as proof of his weakness. They came with their son of 15 and the son was not allowed to go through. A conversation with a courteous soldier at the DCO elicits the response first that the son presented himself as 16 years old and therefore they asked him for an ID, which he doesn't have yet. The second lieutenant (that talked to me before) claims that from the age of ten (?) a person needs a permit. To my astonishment he says that he has seen dozens of such permits.

7:10 All of the people went through except for the fifteen-year-old boy.

7:20 After some additional discussions with the soldier at the DCO, a discussion between  him and the brigade and many telephone calls from the CP to the brigade, the boy is allowed to go through and the gates of the CP are locked.  HAPPY END.

7:30 Shaked-Tura CP

I missed the passage of the little children on their way to school at Tura on the West Bank and the passage of the goats to the seamline zone. Older school children are still arriving and go through with the soldiers glancing into their schoolbags. A few cars go through in both directions. About 15 people are waiting near the turnstile at the entrance to the inspection pavilion on their way to the seamline zone.

7:50 Three people remain waiting near the turnstile.

8:00 Reihan-Barta'a, seamline zone side

Taxis are waiting for those coming up from the sleeveinfo-icon, to drive them to work in East Barta'a. They say that the passage in the terminal is 'OK'.

I did not go down to the other side. Muhammed, Ali's father, is already waiting for me. Ali is due to get a bone marrow transplant from his younger brother at the beginning of next week. We went to the Rambam hospital immediately.

We all wish Ali success and a complete recovery – and send our best wishes to the family.