Beit Furik, Hamra, Huwwara, Ma'ale Efrayim, Shomron Crossing, Za'tara (Tapuah), Sat 1.10.11, Morning

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Tami (guest), Ruthi R. reporting

 Translation : Hanna K.


"we have good neighbours and there are bad neighbours" (A. From Qusra)

09:55 The Samaria Passage – Three cars are waiting at the crossing to enter Israel. We entered the WestBank, those entering are not subject to checks.

10:15 The checkpoint to Salfit – at the entrance to Ariel, there are two soldiers here, at the moment there is not traffic.

In answer to our question we are told that the entrance for vehicles (public and private) is only if one has an authorization to pass through that particular crossing. The fact that there are also private vehicles that have an authorization for this checkpoint is news to us!

At this checkpoint they check only the car authorization and not the IDs of the passengers, unless somebody looks suspicious.

10:30 Zaatara\Tapuah CP – there are no soldiers\border policemen\police. Little traffic.

On our way to the Jordan valley we turned to Qusra.
At the inner entrance to the village, just before the fork to Migdalim settlement or Qusra , there is a military jeep and soldiers who check every vehicle that enters the village (papers, trunk, parcels) and to us they signaled to continue to the Migdalim settlement. We advance and said that we were heading to Qusra, the soldier said there was no problem and didn't check us at all.

At the village (our first time there) the shops were open and children were waving "hello, hello, bye, bye"

We stopped to chat a little. Here is a diagnosis they expressed, which does offhand indicate where the problem is:

A.  "Migdalim took land from us, but little. They come down to the village to buy at the grocery, drink coffee, show respect, do not disturb. Thos are good neighbours. That's alright"

"Esh Kodesh" (an illegal outpost) took land too, but also continue making trouble -  cut down trees, kill sheep and goats, throw stones. Lunatics. Bad neighbours".

11:10 Ma'ale Ephrayim CP – it is empty.

11:25 A jeep patrols on road no. 57.

11:27 – Hamra/Beqaot CP –

Coming from the West bank: two passenger wait for their car to be checked. The car passes within a minute and so does a tractor.

Going to the West bank: four cars wait for two minutes.
And then the soldier signals with his hand and continues his gesture so that all the cars including a truck which joined them pass in a convoy (my first time here that they do not pass one by one) without checking.

At the CP itself an enormous tractor stands (with a huge paddle – is this the tractor that builds the high earth mound along the roads?)

Four women who descended from a vehicle come out together three minutes later.

There is a lot of traffic leaving the Bank.

11:30 Two full taxis arrive. The passengers descend, wait at a great distance from the checking porthole.

11:33 A soldier signals to the first three to approach the porthole.

11:37 Another five are allowed to advance.
One taxi goes on its way.

11:40 A second taxi went on its way. 10 minutes.

But nevertheless, why wait like this in the sun, at a distance, for a soldier to signal that they should approach the porthole?

12:05 Ma'ale Ephrayim – empty, in the tower too.

12:25 Za'tara\Tapuah junction – there are two border policemen, on at the inspection post, looking at the people who go through. We didn't see that they stopped anybody.

12:50 Huwwara CP – is empty, in the tower too. There is a lot of traffic.

13:00 Beit Furik CP – empty.

We returned through Burin\Yitzhar, Jit, Al Funduq, Nabi Elias, Eliyahu Passage.