Dahiat alBarid, Sun., 23.10.11

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Roni Hammermann and Tamar Fleishman (reporting and photographing)

During the afternoon hours a group of Mistaarvim who had their faces covered, protected by the Yasam, broke the office door of attorney Kaadan at Dahiat El Barid.

Within seconds Attorney Kaadan found himself on the floor with two rifles' barrels pointing at his head. His breath and complexion were back to normal only several hours after the attack.

The invaders dismantled the alarm system, sprayed black paint on the security cameras, inspected the files and cabinets and left the place after three hours and ten minutes.

The loot they took with them:
1. Two detaineesinfo-icon (a person who works at the office and a client).
2. The office computers
3. The memory from the cameras and the alarm system.