'Awarta, Habla, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Tue 18.10.11, Morning

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Dalya W., Nurit W-L Translator: Charles K.



Habla  06:45

The checkpoint is open.  We saw groups of people on the plant nurseries road.  Some were on their way to (back from?) the checkpoint, in case today, when Gilad Shalit is being returned, there won’t be any work.

We didn’t see anyone on the Palestinian side.  The soldiers (reservists) told us than anyone who’d arrived had already crossed.

We waited until the school buses crossed; they arrived at 07:10.


We saw nothing unusual on Highways 60 and 55, nor any military vehicles.


Huwwara  07:35

Heavy traffic flowing freely in both directions.  We didn’t see soldiers down at the checkpoint.  No inspections.  The many posters hung by settlers at the checkpoint strike a very discordant note.  One says – there won’t be an olive harvest.  If it’s not innocent, it should be removed.

The Huwwara area is also open freely.

Businesses in the village of Huwwara are open, pupils and students on the streets.  The TV in the café is on, people watching what’s happening.  We didn’t sense anger at the deal with Hamas.

Beita – The road is open.  The market is operating normally.

Za’tara-Tapuachconcertina wire which wasn’t here before has been added to all the inspection lanes, dividing them from one another, and from the lane used by Israeli vehicles.  New inspection booths have been added, including sandbags.  But no vehicles were waiting.  The circle and the parking lot were also empty, except for one military vehicle.

In sum, strangely quiet everywhere we went today, unlike what was expected.

We left for Tel Aviv at 09:10.

The end.