Tayasir, Tue 25.10.11, Afternoon

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Revital Sela, Rachela Hayut (reporting) and a guest from the USA

13:30 Bazak CP

It is still hot and dry. And dusty.

13:30 Hamrah CP

Many workers are going through in buses of every size. People greet us through the windows. The passage is quick.

Several soldiers are sitting at the side. Sounds of talk and laughter are heard. Three or four cars which have gone through had signs of international organizations – UN, OXFAM.

One of the passengers of the taxi which was waiting near us (during the time it takes for ten people to take off their belts and to put them through the loopholes again) told us that he is the victim of Rabin's instructions to the soldiers in the days of the first Intifada [When the Intifada broke out, Rabin said that 'we must break their bones'.]. He was a boy when threw a few rocks and was caught. Since then the broken bone never returned to its proper place.

The CP commander, whom we know from previous visits to the CP, came up to us. This time he approached us in order to hear about the conversation we had with the passengers of that taxi. He wanted to know if they told us something about the CP, We asked him if something had happened that they should have told us – and he said no! He also felt that he had to notify us that he is completely at peace with all of his military activities, and that is the way it would be in the future.

 14:50We left

 15:15Tyasir CP

A truck with concrete, a truck with a pump, a truck with straw, and a pickup truck, are all waiting.

From the west: The two CPs on the road have been removed. The spikes have been pulled out of the road. When a vehicle arrives from the west, the bars of the CP rise and the spikes disappear into their hiding place under the road. At long last, after a very long time, we had the privilege once again of seeing this toy in action.

We discovered a young man sitting on the edge of the road under the observation tower. He is not handcuffed and his eyes are open. No soldier tried to prevent us from going up to the post of the pedestrians. From the radio, we heard a voice saying: "behave courteously toward them" (to us????). The commander and a soldier refused to answer questions, but still we understood that the young fellow, who is "wanted", has been waiting for "an hour and a half", and that he "will sit there as long as is necessary". Who will take him? How do they know that he is "wanted"? A soldier walks up to the detainee and offers him a bottle of water.

15:50We left.

 16:15  Bazak CP

7:10 (Just remembered: A telephone call to the DCO. A woman clerk answers, saying that she has not received any report about a detainee at the CP. Since we had no details about the fellow who was 'wanted', we could not find out about his situation.