Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Tarqumiya, Wed 16.11.11, Morning

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Yael Tz., Zipi Z (reporting)

Translator:  Charles K.

We saw the first workers from the Sansana checkpoint when we left Omer at 6:30 AM.  And when we went through on the way to Hebron, the shed on the Palestinian side was empty.  The road was pretty crowded, mostly with cars bearing PA license plates.  Boys and girls walked to school by the side of the road.  The landscape these days, just before winter, is particularly lovely, the plowed fields a deep brown color, the vineyards turning yellow.  Clouds slowly cover the blue skies.  And here we are, at the checkpoint before Giv’at HaMoreh.  On our left, the buildings of the illegal outpost that keeps growing.

Soldiers stationed in the house opposite the Worshippers Route, some watching the road.  Checkpoint 160 is open; two PA cars go through.  We meet CPT and TIPH people, who monitor the crossings used by schoolchildren.  It’s nearly 8 AM; the air fills with the sound of some march coming from loudspeakers of nearby schools.  I was able, for the first time, to peek in the Havat Yehuda compound adjoining the military base on Shuohada Street – King David Street - the apartheid road, divided by a green net fence that begins at the base’s courtyard.  It looks like the crossing via the base isn’t operating these days. 

We returned via the Tarqumiyya crossing without being delayed.  We briefly glanced from a distance but saw no improvement in the dilapidated shed or the overall cleanliness of the Palestinian side, despite promises to improve and clean up that entrance area.