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Mili Mass, Judith Sternberg (reporting)



Translation: Marganit W.

It is not a pleasant sight to see the court closed, especially if you're
a detainee waiting for your day in court.

Desolation and closed gatesinfo-icon welcomed us this morning when we arrived at
Ofer. It transpired that the staff is on a two-day trip to Eilat and
that's why the court is not open for business today (Wednesday-Thursday
and the weekend).
We don't begrudge the court staff their social amenities and their need
for group cohesion, but we wonder if in this country, which is so rich in
Jewish and Muslim holidays, it wouldn't be better for the court people to
take turns going on vacation, so that detaineesinfo-icon like 13 year old Muhammad
Awad  from Beit Ummar, arrested on charges of participating in a
demonstration, would not have to spend an additional weekend in jail

So we wonder.