Bethlehem, Tue 29.11.11, Morning

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Rachel M., Drora P. (reporting)
"Is all that only so that you may say that there are a few Israelis who want peace?"
Bethlehem - Checkpoint 300 (Rachel Crossing), 6:45 am: 
it was a very difficult morning.  For a considerable time now we have been reporting on the efficient and smooth crossing, but this time the bad days were back. We arrived as usual at 6:45.  Very many employers' vehicles were waiting outside for workers. Inside, 5 positions were open. The soldiers were working efficiently, but because people arrive in waves, they were idle between each surge. Although many had yet to cross, the number of checking positions was reduced from five to three.
According to reports, people had to wait more than two hours before exiting. At the main entrance, they go through in groups, one group after another. It was the same on Sunday.
One of the persons crossing was furious, and reprimanded us: Why do you stand here?  Is it only to say there are a few Israelis who want peace?  We made ourselves scarce.
8:20  Here and there employers entered the building.  One of them raised his voice to the soldier in attendance and threatened to get in touch with the Ministry of Labour which charges him a high sum for his workers, and here he is daily losing their working hours.
The number of people waiting to leave for work is still high.