'Awarta, 'Azzun 'Atma, Beit Furik, Huwwara, Shomron Crossing, Za'tara (Tapuah), Thu 22.12.11, Morning

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Observers and reporting: Esti W., Shosh D., and Nava E.

Translator: Hanna K.


No miracle happened to us, but we did find a jar with oil.

 06:35 Azuun Atma: The queue is shorter than usual. Very many workmen wait on the other side of the road for transportation to work. The CP commander, a reservist, takes care to remove us beyond the CP area. The man seems to be somebody who invests a lot in his job. He directs the waiting people to the checking posts and to another soldier who registers the people who wish to go out. The CP is bordered by fences and plastic obstacles which channel the Palestinians to leave in one direction only. According to him he sees to is that in the afternoon too the queue advances quickly.

We asked one of the people who were waiting to go out and he confirmed that this morning the waiting time was short and yesterday evening too less terrible than usual. It therefore seems that if one wishes one can do that without infringing on the Security of the Fatherland.

06:50 At the Shomron crossing there is no Blue Police at the exit from Israel. A big yellow signpost warns the drivers not to bring their vehicles for repairs at Palestinian garages.

The entrances to Marda and Zeita are open.

Za'tara/Tapuah: There are no soldiers at the checking posts. There is heavy traffic up the hill.

Yitzhar/Burin CPs: There is no military activity.

07:10 Beit Furik:At the entrance to the village there is no flying checkpoint. At the regular Beit Furik CP too there is no military activity.

Awarta: The yellow arm still prevents the passage.

07:45 at the Huwwara CPthere are no soldiers. There is one soldier at the incline up to the pool. We didn't see any soldier in the position opposite the hitchhikers' station.

Burin/Yitzhar:There are no military cars.

08:10 Za'tara/Tapuah:There are border-policemen in the position but there is no obstruction to the traffic.

At the Shomron crossing the checking is superficial.