Reihan, Tue 24.1.12, Morning

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Hannah H.

Translation: Bracha B.A.

06:00 – Reihan Checkpoint

The upper parking lot is filled with cars but there are only few people.  I was told that the checkpoint opened at 05:00 but that things were not running smoothly – the machine was working but the people were not.  Women coming towards me in the sleeveinfo-icon report that the terminal is crowded and people are delayed.   They demand that I "Tell them."  I wish I could.

At 06:15 there is a big crowd of people waiting in front of the entrance to the terminal like I have never seen before.  There is a lot of noise and commotion, but no one is coming out.  Soon people begin to come out, but not in an orderly manner – a group comes out and then there is a pause, then another group and a pause. 

06:30 – a woman is waiting for her friends who have not come out yet.  Eventually they come out.  Another group has gone in but only two of them come out.  At 06:40 all the women workers have usually come out by now, but today they are still coming out.  The men come out at a run since they are already very late for work. 


At 06:45 people stop coming out again and there is a commotion inside the terminal grows louder.  People who usually come out at 06:30 only got out at 07:05 today.  There are still people waiting at the entrance to the terminal to go inside.