'Awarta, 'Azzun 'Atma, Beit Furik, Burin (Yitzhar), Huwwara, Shomron Crossing, Za'tara (Tapuah), Thu 2.2.12, Morning

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Adi L. (new member), Esti V., and Nava A.

Translation:  Suzanne O.


After a number of days of heavy rain everything is green and muddy.


Azzun Atma

6:30 a.m. 

The queue is crowded but not long.  The Military Police run the roadblock with a heavy hand.


6:40 a.m. 

On the road leading to the agricultural gate there are many sheep.


Shomron Crossing

There is no police presence at the exit from Israel.



7:05 a.m. 

There are no soldiers at the checkpoint.  A soldier observes from the position at the corner of the road leading to the JordenValley.


Yitzhar/Borin roadblocks

There is no military activity.  A huge puddle prevents the use of the area.


Beit Furik

7:45 a.m. 

At the entrance to the village there is no snap roadblock.  There is also no military activity at the 'permanent' Beit Furik roadblock.



The yellow iron barrier still prevents any traffic from crossing.


Huwwara roadblock

7:55 a.m. 

We didn't see any soldiers.  On the road up to Bracha a soldier guards a settler waiting for a lift.  At the position opposite the hitchhikers' station a soldier guards a female settler hitchhiker.



There is no military activity.



8:05 a.m. 

There are no soldiers in the position.


Shomron Crossing

The usual superficial inspection.