Reihan, Shaked, Tue 14.2.12, Morning

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Leila S., Chana H.

Translator:  Charles K.

Reihan checkpoint – 6:00

People exit slowly through the fenced corridor leading up from the terminal, but there’s no congestion outside. 

6:10  The seamstresses now leaving the terminal tell us they were delayed inside for an hour.  At 6:15 the rate at which people exit increases slightly, but we’re told there are very many people inside and there’s a bottleneck at the scanner.

6:25  The rate at which people exiting slows againPeople come running out, dressing as they do, yelling to us, “Yesterday we went home [didn’t go to work] because the contractor didn’t wait for us.”

We left at 6:45.  Some of the laborers we normally run into at this hour hadn’t come through yet.

Shaked checkpoint – 7:00

Only now do the soldiers arrive and open the gatesinfo-icon

7:05  The waiting laborers and children begin entering the checkpoint.  It turns out that since Thursday the revolving gate serving those coming from the West Bank is out of order.  About 50 people come from the West Bank to the checkpoint area, they’re sent back, and admitted again only at 7:10 and directed in groups to the only entrance to the inspection room (on the seam zone side).

7:15  The teachers coming from the West Bank bypass the confusion and exit immediately to the seam zone.  They tell us that on Thursday they were detained at the checkpoint until 7:55 because of the gate’s malfunction.

7:20  People and cars are now crossing at a good rate in both directions.  The school children arrive and cross quickly to Tura, three soldiers inspecting their schoolbags.

Reihan checkpoint – 7:35

Many laborers wait at the entrance to the fenced corridor for the cars being inspected in the closed area.  Seven pickup trucks carrying merchandise released from the inspection area drive to Barta’a.  We returned to bring Ali to the hospital for treatment.