Etzion DCL, Jaba (Lil), Thu 22.12.11, Afternoon

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Shlomit S., Ora A. (reporting). Charles K. (translating)
Seriously? Does this make us safer?

Etzion DCL:  success!  We found Khilik! After much searching, today we located him.  Up until our Thursday shift, we hadn’t heard the name Khilik, nor did we look for him. But since then and till today we haven’t stopped trying to find him. When we came to the Etzion DCL Thursday afternoon, the place was quiet and sleepy. A man and woman came out, said that only two people were waiting within and that “everything’s OK today.” The soldier seated at the window said that “there were many people” in the morning, and “they took care of them all.”
After this report, we anticipated a quiet, brief shift. But then a young man who looked very tired and dejected approached us. He said that his ID had been taken at the beginning of the week at the Jaba checkpoint; since then he’s been trying to get it back, without success. He went to the DCL the next day to ask for it, but was told they didn’t have it. Nor was it there when he returned the following day. He went to Jaba, where they told him to come to the DCL today at noon. He arrived on time, but didn’t receive his ID. They told him they’d looked for it, but couldn’t find it. No one knows where it is. He asked us to help locate it. We began making phone calls, inquiring, asking questions, but the ID wasn’t found. We suggested he get a new ID card.  He explained that a new one costs NIS 1000, a huge amount that he can’t afford.
We kept looking, unsuccessfully. We called Chana B., whose skills and connections are marvelous, and who very often is able to help. Chana contacted everyone she could, but no luck. She suggested we go to Jaba,
talk to the people at the checkpoint and ask them to search for the ID. We asked the guy to wait for us at the DCL,

and drove to Jaba.

The checkpoint commander was polite and tried to help. He sent us to wait at a distance from the checkpoint, because it’s a “military area,” promising to look into it and get back to us. We waited. Evening fell. After a long time he returned to tell us they looked but couldn’t find it. We asked him to ask the soldiers; maybe they remember who took the ID. He agreed. When he came back, he said that one of the soldiers recalled that a DCL officer had conducted a tour of inspection, found an ID and took it. We asked that he get from the DCL the name of the officer who conducted the inspection that day, and his phone number. We waited in the dark. This time we didn’t wait in vain. When he returned he gave us the name: Khilik. Khilik took the ID. We notified Chana, who took it upon herself to find Khilik and the ID. It was already evening; it was clear that Khilik was no longer at the DCL, and it was doubtful he’d be there tomorrow, because it’s the eve of the Sabbath. We assumed that only on Sunday would we be able to contact him. And in fact today, Sunday, Khilik was there and the guy could go to the DCL and receive his ID.