Petah Tikva - Shooting, Holding and trading of combat materiel

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Ada Heilbronn (reporting)

Translation: Jonathan M.

At the back of the courtroom, there are the usual two military policemen. One of them was reading a thick book with yellowing pages in Russian. What a surprise to see someone actually reading a book in such a place. There is a new attorney here, Wassal Jallal, representing the Palestinian Organization for for the Defense of Prisoners.

He is here to help attorney Mahajna and attorney Aabed. It was not clear if he was nervous because it was the first time he was there, but he was smiling in all directions, dropped papers, got confused in representing a defendant and needed the help of the investigator to prepare his statements. Attorney Aabed was not there that day - he was away at the Supreme Court representing attorney Ghassan Sharif Haled who had been arrested, released and then arrested again.

We heard a story of two women - a mother and daughter - who were brought in. The mother was arrested for carrying $5,000 (I'm not sure what crime that is. It's hard for me to imagine being arrested for carrying $5,000). The soldiers claimed that they noticed her acting very nervously at the checkpoint. She is not suspected of anything else, but will have to explain how and why she got into such a large amount of money.

Her daughter was brought in for different suspicions.

Another thing we heard was that since the prosecution appeals every decision of release, it was decided that they will appeal every remand in custody decision.

For some reason, more details are being released today regarding the charges against the detaineesinfo-icon. Until now they would only say that a detainee was suspected of "activity that endangers regional security", now investigators offer more details about the cases.

Judge: Major Itai Regev

Investigator: Sergeant-Major Aataf Awida

Attorney Mahajna and Attorney Jallal

Hearings started at 10:15

7 suspects of which 2 were barred (from meeting with attorneys).

The first 2 barred detainees were brought first.

1.Barred - Sharida Hamed Yussef Dovikat, ID. 941300725, from Beita-Foka,

Arrested: 18.4.08.

Request for extension of remand in custody: 15 days.

The detainee was barred from meeting with his attorney since his arrest. Remand in custody for 15 days.

2.Aamar Mahmud Hammad Assaida, ID 936672278, Nablus,

Arrested: 12.5.08.

Request: 12 days remand in custody.

Barred for 3 days and remand in custody for 7 days.

The detainee complained about pain in his hand and that no one was paying attention to him or allowing him to see a doctor.

3. Haled Mahmud Hamdan, ID. 852521384t8, Beita-Foka, Arrested: 17.4.08,

Request: 16 days

A very young, tall and thin young man comes in. He is smiling in all direction, shaking hands with whomever he encounters, until the warden pulls him by the shirt and makes him sit down. The man does not stop smiling. He seems to be drugged or as if he does not understand what is happening. During the hearings he speaks in Arabic on his behalf. Unfortunately I do not understand Arabic and neither does the judge.

In the ruling the judge states that the detainee was involved in a shooting attack and that the detainee has admitted to this.

The investigator adds that there are 6 additional suspicions against the detainee.

Remand in custody:16 days.

4. Louie Taisir Mussa Dauz, ID 850387390, Nablus, Arrested 18.4.08,

Request: 16 days.

He seems much older than his age and is very thin. He is charged with possession of combat material.

Ruling: extension of custody 16 days.

5. Qusai Haled Saber Hashash, ID, 936290578, Balata refugee camp, Arrested: 29.4.08, request: 16 days.

Ruling: extension of custody 16 days.

6. Ahuz Kassam Aabed Al Halim Haraz, ID, 910453901, Nablus, Arrested: 17.4.08, request: 16 days.

Ruling: remand in custody 16 days.

7. Bassel Ahmed Abdullah Barham, ID, 852341445, Balata refugee camp,

Arrested: 10.4.08,

request: 16 days.

The suspect looks like a kid. There is a heated debate between attorney Mahajna and the investigator regarding the number of custody days. The investigator insists that since he cannot work on weekends, those days should not be taken into account, and thus not enough days.

Ruling: extension of custody 16 days.