Reihan, Tue 17.4.12, Afternoon

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Yocheved G., Hanah H.

15:30 – Reihan checkpoint.

We brought Ali back from Rambam hospital.

Many people go up the terminal into the Seam Line zone. Women carry food. They are on their way to a funeral in Barta'a.

Passage inside the terminal is slow.There are some problems with some of the people that causes delays and detaineesinfo-icon.

Only one window is open and during all this time people who get back from work on rout into West Bank villages, are delayed inside.

About 50 people crowd by the turnstile in the afternoon heat.


15:55 Another widow opens and workers begin entering.


16:10 All those going to the funeral had already gone through and the second window closes.

At this time workers go through in a good pace, but whenever someone crosses to the other direction passage of workers into the West Bank, stops for a few minutes.


16:30 Once again the second window opens and those entering now get out immediately.