Petah Tikva - Remand Extension, Barred (from meeting with attorney)

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Ada Heilbronn (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.

I was a bit late (arriving at 10:15) because of a minor accident.
A blindfolded detainee stands outside the courtroom. Another detainee is having a hearing inside.

The judge, Captain Eliahu Nimni, wears a black kippa. My heart sinks (so much for my own prejudices.)
Investigator: Sgt.-major Aataf Awida.
Attorneys: Mahajna, Aabed and Abu Wassel.

The jailers are the same ones from two weeks ago. They blindfold the detaineesinfo-icon when they take them out of the courtroom to the stairs and when they bring them in. I make sure that they don't blindfold them when they go up and down the stairs. The judge asks why a blindfold is needed on such a short way. The answer: "So they won't see the next detainee."
The judge allows the defense to ask detailed questions of the investigator, and the latter is required to supply more satisfactory answers. The requested remand extensions are not always granted.

There are 8 detainees; one of them is "prohibited from meeting with an attorney".

1. Hatam Uni Mahmud Ghanem. - ID no. 910649219, from Zara. Arrested on 4.6.08. Remand requested: 16 days.
Attorney Aabed: Agrees to the request.
Decision: Remand extension for 16 days.

2. Amir Mahmad Abed Al Hadi Ya'ish - ID No. 850649633 from Nablus.
Arrested on 28.5.08. Remand request: 16 days.
Attorney: Mahajna.
Decision: Remand extension for 12 days.

3. Ans Bassem Mahmud Awif- ID No. 852534205 from Balata. Arrested on 11.6.08. Remand request: 16 days.
Attorney Mahajna: The detainee is an officer in the Palestinian police...
Decision: The judge argues with the investigator over the requested number of days.

The latter tries to explain the necessity for so many days
(Saturday, Friday, there are other cases.) The judge wants to give a ten-day extension,

but that brings us to Friday (there are no sessions on Friday in the military detention centers) and thus settles for 9 days.

4. Mahmud Halil Mahmud Nuas, - ID No. 850462862 from Nablus.

Arrested on 8.6.08. Remand request: 16 days.
Attorney: Aabed
Decision: Remand extension for 12 days.

5. Amar Mahmud Hamed Asai'da - ID No. 9366672278 from Nablus.

Arrested on 12.5.08. Remand request: 8 days.
Attorney Aabed: This is the 7th or 8th remand..
Decision: Remand extension for 8 days.

6. Muhammad Sa'id Yussef Awad - ID No. 941188955 from Awartha.

Arrested on 16.6.08. Remand request: 15 days.
Attorney Jallal Abu Wassel.
Decision: Remand extension for 12 days.

7. Hussam Muhammad Fiad Bushnak - ID No. 992113068 from Rumana, Jenin.
Arrested on 13.5.08. Remand request: 16 days.
The suspect looks older than most other detainees, in his mid thirties.
Abu Wassel: The suspect was arrested in his home and taken into custody.While outside his house, they asked for his ID card, which was at home.  He gave them his key so they could get in and find the card, but they broke the windows and the furniture.
Decision: Remand extension for 13 days.

8. prohibited - Halal Zaher Raga'i Zahran - ID No. 911539898 from Nablus.

Arrested on 28.5.08. Remand request: 8 days.

This detainee was prevented from seeing his attorney for 4 days (16-19.6.08).
Attorney Mahajna: He has been barred from seeing his attorney from 29.5.08.

In the last hearing his remand was extended by 15 days.
Decision: Remand extension for 8 days.