Reihan, Shaked, Tue 15.5.12, Afternoon

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Hanah H

North, 15.5.12 pm

Hanah H.


15:30 – Shaked  checkpoint

 Only vehicles go through. 3 from the Seam Line zone and one from the West Bank. 2 cars were inspected by dogs. Inspection of each vehicles took about 15 minutes. We were told that today, day of "Nakba", children didn't attend school and only half of the workers crossed over into the Seam Line zone.

The banker returning from Jenin says that today was a regular working day.

The upgrading of the site is in progress – There is a new building and poles were installed for a new shed.


15:45  Three motorcycles approach the gate, 2 military vehicles drive towards them and in a few minutes the motorcycles retreat.


16:00 Reihan checkpoint

The lower car park is full of cars, cars loaded with merchandise wait on the road for tomorrow's inspection.  Workers returning from Israel and from Barta'a report that they went to work this morning as usual.

Families with children return from Jenin.


16:15The stream of returning workers increases. 2 windows are open and passage on both sides is quick. All enter the terminal as soon as they arrive.

What is out of the ordinary for this time of day  is the female workers  who return loaded with trays of  strawberries at the end of their work day in the fields and sell it to other returning workers.