Barta'a/Reikhan, Tayasir, Tura/Shaked Sunday 20.05.12 afternoon

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Yochi A. & Ruthi T. (reporting)

15:30 Shaked-Tura checkpoint

Only a few cross over at this time .

The momentum of construction continues. Two Russian-speaking workers spread out a semi-tent over a new inspection .

A tractor moves from the direction of the single house towards Um-el-Rihan. We'll meet the driver after the turn to Barta'a. A police cars stops him and the police officer, Alex, who speaks fluent Arabic and who at first tried to banish us, gave the driver a violation ticket of 500 nis. The violations are: driving without a vehicle's license, driving on the left side of the road and carrying other passengers. The last offence was not included in the final report following our pleading for the poor farmer who confronts so many hardships, "They all endure hardships" says Alex the policeman, while stopping an Israeli car with Arab passengers. Not too bad business at this crossroad.


16:40 Reihan-Barta'a

The checkpoint appears calm and workser returning home seem happy. One of them has tried, for two years now, to reunite with his wife and children who live in East Barta'a (the Seam Line zone). He works in Nahariya but is not allowed to live with his family. Every two days he needs to return to Ya'abed (in the West bank) to ensure that he doesn't lose his work permit in Israel.


A white Lily grows in the middle of the checkpoint. What a beauty……