Petah Tikva - Remand Extension, Minors

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Ada Heilbronn (reporting)

Translation: L.W.

Judge: Major Itai Regev

Defense attorneys: Aabed, Mahajna, Abu Wassell

Investigator: Sergeant Major Hashem Halabi

The judge arrives at 11:10, attired as an attorney, having appeared in court representing a criminal client. He changes into army uniform, and hearings begin at 11:20.

At the back of the hall are sitting, as usual, two bored military policemen, there since the early hours.

Today there are 8 detaineesinfo-icon, five of whom are prohibited (from meeting a lawyer).

All the detainees were before the judge by 12:15, after which the hearings related to the last three prohibited detainees for an additional 30 minutes.

1.  Prohibited Nadim Said Muhammad Shurab, ID 850769746, Awarta, arrested 22.6.08, request: 15 days remand

This is the second prohibition, this time for 4 days from 7.7.08 till 10.7.08.

Advocate Aabed

Decision: 15 days.

2. Prohibited  Muhammad Mahmoud Yussuf Antari, ID 852373893, Dir Sharaf,

arrested 2.7.08, request: 8 days

Prohibition, 6 days from 8.7.08 till 13.7.08.

Attorney Mahajna: he is a minor, only 17...

Decision: 8 days.

3. Imad Samar Salah Mansour, ID 852299981, Kfar Kalil, arrested 30.6.08,

request: 8 days

Advc. Mahajna: he is 17. His remand was already extended on 2.7.08.

Decision: 8 days extension of remand.

4.  Prohibited Yussuf Nitmar A-Hak Rabiya Abu Samha, ID 977507136, Mitalon Jenin, arrested 22.6.08, request: 15 days

The detainee is a Brigadier-General in the Palestinian Security Services, aged 56.

Prohibited for 4 days, from 7.7.08 to 10.7.08.

Advc. Abu Wassell: the detainee suffers from shortness of breath, heart problems and a ruptured disk in his spine (submits documentation from a hospital in Jordan). He had just returned from medical treatment, whe he was arrested. 20 days have passed since his arrest.

Has been prohibited since the day of his arrest.

Decision: 8 days.

5.Fares Watek Ayhmad Halef, ID 850706847, Burkin, arrested 23.6.08,

request: 16 days

Advc. Abu Wassell

Following the attorney's request, the investigator elaborates the reasons for the detainee's arrest: assisting wanted men and other offences about which he cannot give any details.

Decision: 16 days.

6.Prohibited  Mahmoud Walid Kamal Issa, ID 850008558, Nablus, arrested 2.7.08,

request: 8 days

Prohibited for 4 days, from 7.7.08 to 10.7.08.

Advc. Mahajna

Decision: 8 days.

7.Prohibited Muhammad Shaher Muhammad Hashash, ID 851953802,

From Balata Refugee Camp,

arrested 7.7.08, request: 15 days

Prohibited for 5 days, from 9.7.08 to 13.7.08.

Advocate Mahajna.

Decision: 15 days.

8.Ahmad Jamal Abu Rahim Mabruha, ID 852034495, arrested 7.7.08,

request: 15 days

Advc. Mahajna: he turned himself in at Hawarra Checkpoint.

Decision: 9 days.