Ar-Ram, Qalandiya, Sun 3.6.12, Afternoon

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Tamar Fleishman


Translating: Ruth Fleishman


Qalandiya- the DCL:

The shortest way to the DCL offices is a long one. You should have plenty of time on his hands and be patient in order to break through the soldiers' indifference and arrive at the destination. To be precise: 30 minutes. The lines weren't camped with people nor was there any malfunction- as the telephone receptionist claimed.


The way back from the DCL to the only possible side of the checkpoint, the Palestinian one, had been changed. One must walk through twisting passages that lead to the parking lot that is on the northern side of the checkpoint.

How is a person in a wheelchair supposed to pass there?- or perhaps as a rule, for various reasons that have to do with infrastructure that is unsuitable for the handicapped, it is not recommended for them to be in need of the checkpoint.



Driving along the wall from the insi

de was an opportunity to document some of the new inscriptions.

One of them exchanged the rage and insult to humor: "Wall for Sale"- and some on else added the price: "Free".


Jaba checkpoint:

For three weeks in a row there has been use of "the dog regulation" at the checkpoint.