'Azzun 'Atma, Huwwara, Izbet Tabib, Za'tara (Tapuah), Wed 2.5.12, Afternoon

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Shosh B., Fatchia A. reporting

 Natanya translating.

On Tuesday, 1.5.2012 I read in the paper Elitichad that a house at Izbet Tabib had been destroyed and we decided to go and see what was happening. We spoke with M. T. He said that the foundation of the house which had been standing for a year had been destroyed. 70 soldiers had accompanied this action. The owner had tried to get a permit for the house and had been unsuccessful. It is important to note that the foundations of the building which were destroyed is located within the village and far from the fence.
The checkpoint of Huwwara was empty.
Za’tara/Tapuach was maned by many soldiers.
Azzun Atma , 14.45.  Even though there were many soldiers the checking was very slow and about 100 workers and other people crowded together pushing one another. And for desert we received a compliment. A settler who passed by us on his motorbike shouted to us…..Oh prostitutes, what are you doing here….and went off.