'Anin, Shaked, Mon 4.6.12, Morning

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Leah R., Ana N-S. (reporting)
Seriously? Does this make us safer?


06:00 Agriculture checkpoint at A'aneen

There are new soldiers at the site. Passage is slow, each person's bag is inspected. Soldiers refused to let through children under 16, who can cross with one of their parents, who holds an "agriculture" passage permit. The kids are forced to return home to A'aneen. We try explaining to the soldiers that they are wrong, but they insist that they work by the book and refuse to talk with us.

We call the checkpoints representative at the DCO – Vahel, who agrees that a farming passage permit can let through children. We give the soldiers the cell phones so they can hear Vahel and they refuse to listen;"Who is Vahel?". Towards the end of our shift soldiers approach u,s realizing that they were mistaken ( :"Why didn't you tell us?"). In the meantime the children had gone home and their parents proceeded without them into the Seam Line zone.

Last week those farming passage permits had expired and now they need to fill out forms to receive valid ones. Who knows how long that might take.

A few tens of people had crossed over today.


07:30 Tura (Shaked) checkpoint

At this time the site is quiet. Very few go through. School Summer vacation has begun and those crossing are going to sit exams, reading from their notebooks while walking.


08:00 The new Barta'a (Reihan) checkpoint

Taxi drivers fight over each passenger who returns home after a night shift, heading towards the West Bank.

Many pickup trucks are waiting for inspection prior to driving into the Seam Line zone.

A young fellow tells us of a traumatic event that he has endured recently: He arrived at the checkpoint with his vehicle and the inspector suspected he was carrying suspicious material. He called military police who treated him brutally: they tore the vehicle apart, not finding a thing. He was given a piece of paper with a list of the damage and was advised to fix it and hand the bill to the IDF. He wanted to know whom to turn to.

08:30 – We left.