'Azzun 'Atma, Eliyahu Crossing, Habla, Huwwara, Thu 10.5.12, Afternoon

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Fatchia Akfa, Yehudit Levin, reporting and photographing

Natanya translating.



14.02 Habla checkpoint.The opening hours of the checkpoint in the afternoon are between 13.00-14.00.

A Palestinian who arrived two minutes late pleads with the soldiers saying it will not happen again. “I want to go home” he requests. He does not want to have to wait until 18.15 in the evening because of the delay.

In the evening the checkpoint opens from 18.15-19.15.

14.16  Eliyhau crossing.  The police are present.

14.49The crossroad at Burin Huwwara route 60 – there is no army present.

On the lamppost are Israeli flags.

14.56 Huwwara checkpoint. On the tower opposite the hiking post of the settlers is a guard. As usual at the crossroads are banners with announcements and declarations of the settler which are undisturbed on the fences. 

At the parking lot are two army jeeps and a vehicle from the DCO. The soldiers try to prevent us going in the direction of the checkpoint saying that it is a “closed army area” without showing us the command as usual. We went forward and saw at the checkpoint itself many army personnel. But the Palestinians vehicles are not disturbed by this. We are told that there is now a reenacting of the scene today when one soldier shot another by mistake. When we asked if this had happened at the checkpoint itself we were told that we would see it all on the television in the evening.

We drove to the village of Burinso as to check out the felling of 40 trees belonging to the villagers two days ago. This was done by a settler from Yitzhar. The villagers pointed us in the direction of the hill which the settlers had taken over but said it was dangerous to go there.

16.16 Za’tara checkpoint2 border police are next to the checking post but do not check. ]

At the parking lot are two Palestinian cars which are waiting for the soldier to come back from the toilet. 

At 16.26they went on their way. Outside the parking lot in the direction of the passage where once stood the permanent checkpoint a police jeep blocks the passage of a Palestinian car while its passengers wait outside.

16.40 Industrial zone of Ariel. One can see at the head of the hill that the buildings have spread out widely.

16.50 Checkpoint of Azzun Atma.The line of workers who are returning home is not too long.

On the inside of the checkpoint two detaineesinfo-icon sit…they had tried to go through one of the gaps in the fence. The commander says they are waiting for the police to come and take them.