Petah Tikva - Remand Extension, Minors

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Ada Heilbronn (reporting)

Translation: L.W.

A window has been ripped into the wall of the detention centre facing the police station, and under it a drawer opening outwards for outgoing documents or objects.

Remand extension day was brought forward because of the Druze holiday, Sabalan, which falls on this Wednesday (the investigators and interpreters are, for the most part, Druze).

The corridor and steps leading to the courtroom have been washed but not dried, so puddles of water remain.

The detaineesinfo-icon go up and come down the steps handcuffed and manacled.

The warders today are a little older and more patient with the detainees. There is no shoving and tugging by the shirts before the detainee has finished talking to his lawyer (with one exception - a client of Advc. Abu Wassell, who asked me to take note of this in my report).

There are no police at the back of the court, where two of them, armed, usually sit.

At 09:35 the judge entered, and the hearing for a prohibited [from meeting with his lawyer] detainee began at 09:40, without the presence of an attorney (who arrived at 10:00).

There are remand extension requests for 14 detainees, among them 4 who are prohibited from meeting their lawyers. 

The prohibition is decided upon by the head of the investigative team, this time named "Yoel," from the GSS [General Security Services].

Most of the detainees look very young.

Judge: Major Eliyahu Nimni

Investigator: Sergeant Major Aatef Awida

Defense attorneys: Aabed, Mahajna, Jillal Abu Wassell

A typist and an interpreter

1. Prohibited:  Bassel Rahman Muhammad Daud, ID 909855504, Nablus, arrested 29.8.08, request: 12 days remand

The warders lead him into the courtroom. He seems very young, his eyes have no spark and look down at the floor.

Prohibited from meeting a lawyer for 5 days, beginning 5.9.08 (signed by "Yoel).

Advc. Mahajna: this is the suspect's second remand. He was born in 1987. The first remand after his arrest was at Kishon Detention Centre. He suffers from serious toothache.

Investigator: last time we asked for 16 days and, by agreement, we got 9. There are suspicions that have not yet been investigated, and there are also new suspicions...

Judge's decision: 10  days (making it possible to discuss his case next Wednesday - the regular hearings day). He orders dental treatment.

2. Prohibited : Azzam Bashar Azzam Bakri, ID 852386655, Nablus, arrested 3.9.08,

request: 15 days remand

Born 1990, scarred face and amputated left arm to the elbow.

Prohibited from meeting a lawyer for 4 days beginning 8.9.08

Advc. Abu Wassell

Judge's decision: 15 days.

3. Prohibited: Kamal Mahmud Bashir Sharaaya, ID 998182752, Balata Refugee Camp, arrested 4.9.08,

request: 10 days

Prohibited from meeting a lawyer for 6 days beginning 4.9.08

Attorney: Mahajna

Decision: in agreement between parties, 10 days.

4.Yusuf Mahmud Muhammad Elbaz, ID 905016010, Qalqiliya, arrested 29.7.08,

request: 17 days

Appears to be in his late thirties.

Advc. Mahajna: the accused has been held in detention for over 40 days. There is no mention of specific suspicion. This is a criminal file.

Decision: 10 days.

5. Fatah Dib Fatah Mashayih, ID 969852854, Nablus, arrested 17.8.08,

request: 17 days

He is an elderly man, in his late fifties, already tried for remand extension last week, for holding $ 2000 in cash. The detainee is a lecturer at the university, has a computer business and also works for UNWRA [United Nations Relief and Works Agency].

Advc. Aabed: how many times has the detainee been interrogated?

The investigator's replies that this is in the "confidential report".

The judge does not accept the answer, and obliges the investigator to indicate the number of times.

Answer: twice.

Advc. Aabed quotes what the investigator, named Amos, said to the detainee: "You must admit that the money is not yours, and that you are a member of Hamas." He maintains that the prosecution has no incriminating material, and that the investigation is being run inefficiently. The investigating team is asking for more time which indicates contempt for the court's ruling on the number of days; the prosecution could have appealed the decision, but did not do so. (Aabed's legal battle is impressive. The detainee brushes away a tear. In the previous hearing, he appeared confident and smiling. This time he is broken.)

Decision: 7 days, so that the suspect can be brought to court, where the decision on continued detention will be made.

6. Nabil Kamal Falah Dababsa, ID 949299234, Talusa, arrested 7.8.08,

request: 16 days

Advc. Mahajna

Decision: 14 days.

7. Prohibited: Yihiye Salim Muhammad Tult, ID 936077403, Beit Iba, arrested 3.9.08,

request: 15 days

Prohibited for 4 days from 8.9.08

Advc. Mahajna

Decision: 10 days by agreement.

8. Bashir Jabar Otman Miala, ID 850871104, Nablus, arrested 1.8.08,

request: 16 days

Advc. Abu Wassell

Decision: 14 days by agreement

(A warder pulls him out by his shirt while he is still getting information from his lawyer and the investigator.)

9. Tarek Saad Tarek Arub, ID 411728447, Nablus, arrested 4.9.08,

request: 16 days

Advc. Abu Wassell: the detainee has an eye problem. Requests transfer to another facility.

Investigator: the suspect's request will be reviewed favourably.

Decision: 14 days.

10. Muntasar Walid Jalil Ahmad, ID 850558180, Kafr Kalil, arrested 21.8.08,

request: 16 days

Advc. Mahajna

Decision: 14 days.

11. Rami Badwi Hafez Duwikat, ID 853108157, Askar Nablus, arrested 26.7.08,

request: 16 days

Advc. Mahajna: the accused is a minor, 16 years old.

Decision: 14 days.

12. Shehadeh Sabri Shehadeh Zurba, ID 850446428, Nablus, arrested 29.7.08,

request: 16 days

Prohibited for four days from 20.7.08 

Advocate Aabed

Decision: 14 days.

13. Tayasir Mahmud Walid Mashal, ID 851976001, Nablus, arrested 19.8.08,

request: 16 days

(looks like a child)

Advocate Aabed

Judge's decision: 14 days.

14. Raed Sami Ahmad Hamdan, ID 853983567, Nablus, arrested 3.9.08,

request: 16 days

Looks like 13-14, but is in fact 16 (born 1992). Surgery on right heel a year ago. Limps.

Asks through Advc. Mahajna that the warders loosen the manacles on his heel and let him walk slowly.

The warders consent.

Decision: 11 days.