Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Stone Throwing, Shooting

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Hagit Shlonsky, Tova Szeintuch (reporting)

Translation: L.W.

Russian Compound

Judge: Gal Rosenzweig

Police Interrogator: Itzik

Interpreter: present all the time, but does not translate regularly

Attorneys: Shkirat, Ma'amoun, Firas

Five files were brought for extension of remand - until transfer to the prosecution and submission of indictment.

In the courtroom an atmosphere almost of Purim: in a small, suffocating room, the police interrogator, the lawyers, and the police who bring the detaineesinfo-icon - all talking and joking while the judge reads the file. The only serious and worried character is the detainee, sitting and waiting for a result known in advance. Conversations between him and his lawyer take place without privacy, and whoever so wants can follow everything said.

The interrogator requests 9 days extension "needed for continuing the investigation" (and also appropriate to the work agendas of Ofer, where these detainees will arrive upon completion of the indictment on 23.9 -in Ofer remand extensions take place on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays).

In five of the cases, the defense attorney agrees to the request, and the judge affirms.

In the case of Fares Hussein Ali Falega, attorney Shkirat tried to argue that the detainee is held by the Palestinian Authority for offences committed there. The investigator responded that it is within the authority of the security services to investigate and try any offence directed against Israel whether from Area A or B, and whether the detainee was arrested in the Palestinian Authority is not relevant to the present investigation. The judge accepted the investigator's request, and extended the remand by 18 days,

Yehiye Muhammad Atman Ata, ID. 954263810 is brought in and sits in the corner designated for detainees. The defense attorney talks with him, and the judge reads the file. The hearing begins without the judge asking to identify the detainee. He was arrested on 27.12.07 until the conclusion of proceedings (in other words, he has been in detention for at least eight and a half months!).

According to the police interrogator, the interrogation of the detainee was renewed yesterday, due to new material, just arrived, on which the detainee has not been interrogated earlier..

Reference is also made to incrimination of other people. The detainee denies the accusations. Itzik (the interrogator) asks for remand extension of 23 days.

The judge asks to see the detention request from the military prosecutor, and for that reason the hearing is stopped, and another detainee is brought in.

(I try to ask the typist for the name of this detainee, but Itzik bursts out claiming that I am disturbing the procedure of the hearing. I tell him that I want to identify the detainee by name, but he ignores my request.)

After the judge is given the indictment and the prosecution's request to renew the interrogation, the judge sums up and dictates to the typist... from the confidential material arise additional accusations of offences against the security of the area... I decide to shorten the requested remand to 18 days, till October 2.

Itzik takes all the files and leaves the room.

A 17 years old is brought in.

Two interrogators unknown to us come in. In answer to our questions, they say that they are from the Minorities Department which works in cooperation with the GSS (General Secret Services).

The youngster was arrested on 9.9.08 at his home in Daheisha Refugee Camp, and incriminating materials were taken from his house. Interrogator Dror presents the accusations: membership and activity in a hostile organisation, shooting, stone throwing, possession of combat materiel, conspiring to commit a crime. According to the interrogators, the interrogation is in its initial stages; they request 15 days. Attorney Shkirat objects to the requested extension of remand. The judge decides, in view of the accused's youth and his cooperation (meaning a partial confession), and in order that the court will supervise the remand: 11 days (until 25.9.08).