Hebron, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills, Thu 19.7.12, Morning

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Nurit, Yael


Translator:  Charles K.


Meytar crossing

No people on either side, but there’s a lot of activity at the truck crossing, merchandise being transferred between trucks, back to back. The checkpoint is still partially open. Laborers cross until 7 AM; it then closes and reopens in the afternoon.


Highway 60

Almost empty; the heat drives people home. We see along the road children carrying bottles of water.



The town is comatose, empty; Nahal soldiers in their positions and on the roofs look bored.

Two Border Police soldiers at the Cave of the Patriarchs checkpoint try to prevent our driver from entering the Gutnick area. They must be new here, because when they see his official permit they move the roadblock and allow us through, and also to the shop opposite.


On our way back we drove into Bani Na’im to inspect the settler’s vineyard: the grapes in the well-tended vineyard aren’t ripe yet, but we saw a civilian vehicle belonging to people who were working there, guarded by a soldier!

We returned via Zif junction.  The road is empty; even the sheep hide in the wadis from the heat.