'Anin, Mevo Dotan (Imriha), Reihan, Shaked, Thu 23.8.12, Morning

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Tzafrira Zamir, Neta Golan Translation: Bracha B.A.


Translation: Bracha B.A.


05:55 – A'anin Checkpoint

The soldiers are already present and the three gatesinfo-icon at the center of the checkpoint are already open and the crossing begins.  A tractor is sent back and not allowed to pass because the driver holds a permit to cross at another checkpoint (Shaked Tura). 
A young man complains that he was the only man in his family who received a permit to stay in the seam line zone.  His father and seven brothers did not receive new or renewed permits. 
06:30 – Crossing is proceeding slowly.  People are moving towards the area between the two gates inside the checkpoint and a soldier is shouting on them to move back.  Two young men are being detained and a soldier makes them sit far apart from each other.  When we ask what is going on a sergeant answers that they (the soldiers) are not permitted to talk to us about it. 
A man tells us that his 15-year-old son has not been allowed to cross.  The man has an agricultural permit, so we call the Liaison and Coordination Administration to find out why.  Meanwhile a soldier tells one of the detaineesinfo-icon to go home.   He refuses.  Someone says that the soldiers have called the police to deal with the other detainee.  We saw a few young people return to A'anin without even attempting to cross.

At 07:20 the gates are locked.  The soldiers and the two detainees are still inside together with the fifteen-year-old boy, who is still inside the fence.  No answer has been received from the Liaison and Coordination Administration.    

A military jeep arrives with a commander who speaks Arabic.  Meanwhile two elderly women arrive from the seamline zone.  One of them is the mother of the detainee who was permitted to return home, and is a diabetic. The officer explains to her that her son was not permitted to cross because his permit has expired, and she convinces her son to return home.  The officer explains that the police have been called to deal with the second detainee because he attempted to cross while using his brother's documents.  At last the 15-year-old was permitted to cross.   "Luckily" for him the soldiers had to wait for the police, but we didn't stay.


07:45 – Shaked-Tura Checkpoint

There are lots of road signs within the checkpoint area but no traffic.


 08:15 – Reihan – Barta'a Checkpoint

People arrive in small groups and enter the terminal.  The refreshment stallis back, and we hope that it will provide an income for its owners, a young man whom his father was injured in a traffic accident, and since then he became the only family provider. 

The parking lot is not full; only two commercial trucks are waiting to be checked.


08:25 – Mevo Dotan – Yaabed Checkpoint

Cars are waiting on both sides of the checkpoint.  The soldiers are busy stretching a wire across the road in the middle of the barrier.  After a few minutes cars are permitted to cross in the direction of Jenin without being checked. Colored cars - a red car and two green cars going in the other direction are checked.  The soldiers begin to stretch the wire again with spikes attached.  A line forms on both sides of the checkpoint.  The soldiers then pull the spikes to one side and permit cars to pass.  This time they decide to check a white truck…    

 At 08:45 line disappears, occupation remains.