Salem - Holding and trading of combat materiel, Remand Extension

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Lea Reichman: (reporting)

Translation: Bracha Ben-Avraham

10.00 - A series of remands are pronounced:

. Adnan Kamal Malam

2. Ahmed Ziad Kashmer

3. Mohammed el Sadek Abu Elrub

4. Ali Hassan Mohammed Tuema

Hearings were also conducted for the following detaineesinfo-icon:

-Mohammed Rajar Albazar: Accused of possessing combat materiel and endangering the security of the State.

Remand set with agreement of both sides.

(Name unknown) accused of membership in a hostile organization.

Remand - 65 days until the indictment is submitted.

Sa'id Mustafa Salah: A teacher in Um el Reihan in the seamline enclave.

Accused of provocation and preventing a soldier from performing his duty.  According to the prosecution, he constitutes a potential danger for physical harm to a soldier who was defending the borders of the State of Israel.

According to the prosecution he struck the soldier with his fist.

Attorney Kabha claims that there were people from the village: the head of the council, students, and teachers who witnessed what occurred. 

He asks: Is it feasible that a teacher who was surrounded by 10 armed soldiers would attack a soldier?  He asks to receive the footage of the film that was shot at the checkpoint, as legal evidence.

The attorney asks that the detainee be released immediately.  He claims that he did not come to the checkpoint to quarrel with a soldier or to push any soldier - the opposite is true:  The soldier was the one who pushed Sa'id.  The attorney claims that Sa'id's presence at school is important, since there are examinations at this time of year, and that he endangers no one and did not come to provoke a fight.

The incident occurred on Monday, 27.4.09.  Anna and I (observers from Machsom Watch) were at Tura checkpoint at the time.  On that day a group of students went to Ramallah on an annual school trip and held up the passage of other students on their way to school in Yaabed.

Sa'id accompanied the students and was due to return to school after they passed through the checkpoint, but his 14-year-old nephew who does not speak Hebrew went through the checkpoint quickly and did not understand when a soldier called him to stop.  The soldier became angry when the youth ignored him, grabbed his schoolbag, threw its contents on the ground, and detained him. 

This is what people said who were present at the checkpoint coming  from the the West Bank towards the seamline zone.

We have heard many complaints about this particular soldier from people passing through the checkpoint.  He curses people harshly and detains them for no reason.  A pregnant woman who refused to undergo an electronic check was detained for many hours. 

Sa'id tried to intervene for his nephew and asked why he was being detained from going to school.  There were 10 soldiers at the checkpoint at the time, some of whom were armed.  An argument broke out and the soldiers shouted at Sa'id to shut up and sit down at the side.  They then pushed him.  Is it conceivable that a teacher would attack a soldier?

The soldiers called the police.  The policeman interrogated [Sa'id] and wrote it down.  I approached him and said that we were here and that we wished to bear witness in favour of the teacher.

The policeman then left, but sent a police van to arrest Sa'id.

 The judge agrees to free Sa'id on bail of NIS 10,000. 

The attorney asks to lower the bail and the judge refuses.  Sa'id's brother signs the decision, and the amount will be returned after the fine is deducted, if one is owed.

The prosecuter is allowed to appeal the decision within 72. He did indeed submit  an appeal.

The laywer called me in the evening and told me that the decision to release Sa'id on bail had been cancelled. 

More remands followed.  Most of the detainees are young people or minors.  According to the prosecution, there is evidence against them.