Petah Tikva - Stone Throwing, Holding and trading of combat materiel

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Ada Heilbronn (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.

I have been absent from my "shift" for 7 weeks, for personal reasons, but when I got to the detention center nothing had changed, except for the fact that there were no "barred" detaineesinfo-icon. However, there were 11 suspects waiting for their hearings.

Justice Major Adi Feigel examined each case carefully, as is his wont, and ended up acceding to the GSS remand extension requests. He was less formal this time and supplied information about the allegations; the attorneys read the military court reports I had handed them and carried them openly in the courtroom, something the judge usually forbids. They came and went, talking among themselves.

There were five attorneys: Ra'ed Mahamid, Ajabria Meisser, Kareem Ajawa, Sama'an Samer and Aabed Muhammad.

Police investigator: Sgt. Major Aataf Awida

The session started at 9:55, but then the computer was down. At the judge's request, paper and carbon paper were sent for. By the time they arrived, the interpreter managed to reactivate the computer and the printer. The interpreter sat right in front of the suspects and translated the proceedings.

1. Aasem Najah Sharif Safdi - ID No.850992819, from Urif, arrested on 27.4.09.

Remand extension request: 8 days.

Attorneys: Ra'ed Mahamid and Kareem Ajawa.

The suspect is in his late thirties, a security officer in the Palestinian Authority. He is accused of possessing combat materiel. He vehemently denies the allegations, claiming that he has been falsely incriminated by somebody he had arrested, as an act of revenge. The accused was active in his own defense.

The judge's decision: This is the second remand hearing. The charges are not possession of arms but other charges for which there is evidence.

Remand extension for 8 days.

2. Haled Farouk Aaref Muhammad, ID No.412823510, from Nablus, arrested on 24.4.09

Remand extension request: 16 days.

Defense: Ra'ed Mahamid

The judge's decision: with both sides agreeing, remand extension for 13 days.

3. Yasser Abed Al Latif  Husem Ashtiya, ID No. 905033411, from Tel, arrested on 8.4.09.

Remand extension request: 8 days.

Attorney Sama'an: The suspect is accused of kidnapping, but he was not told who or what he is supposed to have kidnapped.

The Investigator says it is not his job to determine what the accused understands; the judge says the attorney did not understand the verdict he himself had given and the conditions for the remand extension. An argument ensued between the attorney and the investigator about how many steps should be taken vis-à-vis the suspect. The judge decrees that the number is not important only the content. The suspect failed two lie detection tests about the kidnapping incident.

Decision: remand extension for 8 days.

4. Omar Suleiman Muhammad Dik - ID No.850138462, from Tauna. Arrested on 20.4.09

Remand extension request: 16 days.

Attorney Aabed: The detainee is suspected of rock throwing on Israeli vehicles. One driver was seriously injured.

The defense claims that the suspect found himself in the area by accident. He was on his way to the university and did not throw any rocks. In a confrontation with Alaa, a witness, the latter too stated that the suspect did not throw any rocks.

Decision: remand extension for 16 days.

5. Alaa Tayasir Mahmud Dalah - ID No. 411553530, arrested on 20.4.09

Remand extension request: 16 days

Defense: Ra'ed Mahamid

The investigator states that the detainee is suspected of throwing rocks at Israeli vehicles, seriously injuring a driver. He is also charged with staying in Israel illegally. This detainee earlier testified that suspect No. 5 did not throw rocks.

Decision: remand extension for 16 days.

I had to leave at noon. There were six more suspects:

1.Vajdi Muhammad Adel Zaglal, ID No.901189555

2. Ahmad Suhel Kassem Nagar, ID NO. 85339690

3. Jihad Muhamed Kois Hashash, ID No.850731594

4. Ahmad Tayasir Hassan Abu Rib, ID No.853480788

5.Sami Tayasir Mahmud Zalah, ID No.4115535220

6. Adhami Yasser Hosni Tashtush, ID No. 453480788